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January 17, 2013
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CDR: Vincent Airett by Ahniki CDR: Vincent Airett by Ahniki
Beware for a wall full of text, also, yes he was inspired by DmC lol

:bulletblack:Name: Vincent Airett
:bulletblack:Age: 19
:bulletblack:Birthday: October 31
:bulletblack:Species: Demon
:bulletblack:Faction: Diamond
:bulletblack:Job: Gunslinger

:bulletblack:Personality: Outspoken/Flamboyant/Charming/Protective/Short-tempered/Refreshing/A little Stubborn
He's an outgoing character that could get a little rowdy if he's loosened up. Vincent doesn't give a rude aura, although he can slip a few curses every now and then. He emits a feeling of challenge and strength when you're around him. Vincent's basically a refreshing guy with his nonchalant attitude, curiosity, and strength. He's generally composed even if he's feeling uncomfortable, he's turned-off, and even if he's mad. His composure is one of the best assets he has since it easily disguises his other emotions. Unless he was thrown in a rage, then you would KNOW he was upset. The only time you would be able see this spectrum of emotions is during his performance. He can be short tempered as well. If you push his precise buttons outside the stage, he will lose his temper in a snap. Dominance is his favorite word because it describes...him! In the physical aspect, Vincent is rather agile and keeps it up with conditioning himself while practicing his gunmanship against the terrors from his past. He is rather sweet to the opposite sex. He could be a little tsundere if he has a crush or something.. He isn't really one to show off or anything, but hey--its literally what he does.

He has two forms: his human form and his Demon form. His true form is his Demon, but he's honed in his power enough to suppress it to revert back into a human again. It requires a lot of concentration and power to actually keep up his human form, so if he is tired or fatigued, his demon form will come out to keep him from growing weak as humans do. It's used for regeneration and is basically an agility/illusion buff. He prefers not to be in demon form though due to what had happened to his Master.

Vincent is from the slums of what used to be a village deep within the mountains. Today his homeland stands in ruins from war, evil, and the cursed. Travelers who tread forth on the ruins often leave as soon as possible by instinct knowing that danger lurks in the shadows. The villagers who remained within the village have been consumed by darkness, murder, and bloodlust that anyone you come across will no longer seem even human. This is the area that Vincent had grown up in. He was an orphan who grew up in the run down orphanage at the center of the ruins who was adopted by a priest who he considered a father. Ever since he was young Vincent held a strong front against the shadows. He yearned for power to ward off the demonic spawn that would plague the people who harassed the church and its father. His twin pistols VI and XIII were given to him during his apprenticeship with the town's demon of an outlaw (This was behind his father’s back because it was ironic that the church had adopted him when he works for the devil). The names he has given the two pistols is the date that he completed the pact with the demonic outlaw, forever sealing his soul to do the devil's bidding. Growing up with both VI and XIII, Vincent had grown to become such a sharpshooter, that whoever crosses his gaze found a bullet through his forehead. But it’s not like he killed whomever he comes across. The pact with the devil he had made had only given him power to retrieve or destroy those who had escaped hell. As a demon, Vincent had also honed into his dark powers, and had so far mastered the power of illusion. During this time, his Master (the demon outlaw) ran thin of his sanity and eventually lost it due to living out centuries in his curse. He turned corrupt and ran havoc amongst the ruins, destroying anything and anyone who came across his path...including Vincent's family and friends. Crushed by the disbelief, Vincent had to lose yet another loved one as he put an end to his Master by his own gun. Vincent was driven away from his home that evil now plagues and regrets his own powers. "If it weren't for such a thing to exist, I would still have a home. There would be no evil to chase about, there would be no need for a pact." He swore an oath to himself to let it be known the consequences of great power and the sacrifices that had to be made. To tell his story to let others know about the evils in life, Vincent had joined the #Cirque-des-Reves to teach his experiences.

:bulletblack:Gunslinger acts:
He awes the audiences with his Illusions of his past demons, monsters, and loss. The illusions however, are real entities as he uses demonic powers to recreate them. They are not harmful to anyone but the caster since they affect sanity and mental health. He captivates all onlookers with his deadly precision of his twin pistols as he continuously battles the shadows that plague his soul. What is to be expected during his act is fear, amazement, and sadness (due to the recreation of losing his family and friends).

Vincent has a tattoo on his neck that reads IIXIV


Chains (ohohoho)
Company (Anyone really)

Disrespectful people


:bulletblack:RP method:
I prefer by notes! C:
Or skype is fine, just note me for my skype info xD (I'm still trying to get used to it, thats why I put notes first >.< )

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