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January 31
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HMLS: Aiden Nightengale by Ahniki HMLS: Aiden Nightengale by Ahniki
I'm so happy I made it in time before the deadline! August will be retiring for now and although Aiden isn't as great as August, I still hope he will make lots of friends!


Sorry if this caused any misunderstanding. He has a loving waifu Serena that he wouldn't dare die and leave behind uvu <3. If you would still like to rp w/August just let me know. I just wanted to start fresh seeing that Poland will be getting a new Duce as well. 

Again, August is not dead. I will still be doing art of him but just not as much. Serenust 5ever.


Name: (Pronounced EYE-DIN) Aiden Nightengale 

Nickname: Grim Reaper or Dracula xD

Age: 21 (Looks to be)

Height: 178 cm

Position: Vicius Poland

Magus tattoo Location: (He has two of the same tattoo on two locations) Left and Right forearms (They connect to make a whole tattoo when he brings his forearms together)

Real life job: Bartender and part-time tutor

Gender: Male

Personality: Sarcastic, Independent, Manipulative, Baddie, Chill, Protective of those who are worthy, Dominating, A tease :iconheplz:

Weapon: Twin Shadow blade (Comes from his tattoo)

Power: Curse/Dark Arts


Abilities: abilities may be combined 


Summons twin blades from his tattoo. They are chained to the center of his tattoo when unsheathed. He can have either 1 or both out at the same time. Both blades are cursed and will curse those who come into physical contact. The blade's curse will slow you x10% per cut including light scratches. If the blade cuts the enemy 10 times, (which is x100% slow) they will be Rooted to the ground automatically. The curse does not affect Aiden if he accidentally cuts himself.

+ Manifestation can be combined with Soul Steal. (Summoning his black flame to burn along his blade)

:bulletred:Soul Steal

Aiden consumes life energy from his opponent. He gains vitality while they lose theirs. He can only steal fragments at a time and cannot completely kill the opponent in one spell unless he continuously casts it or if they are already extremely weak and on the verge of dying. The opponent must be either bitten or touched with the black flame in order for soul steal to work. Every time an opponent is affected by soul steal, they become significantly weaker (since it is their life being taken away) Depending on how 'weak' they are it may feel like fatigue to extreme exhaustion. Worse cases, they end up in a coma. (Mainly happens to normal humans)
Aiden can determine how much of a soul he wants to steal though. He can either steal the whole fragment, or only a percentage of that fragment. 

Ex: He holds out his hand, engulfed in a black flame and touches the person's arm. Or if he bites the person (like he's actually consuming their soul :iconheplz:)

 *[It is rumored that Aiden is actually several centuries old. His soul steal has been keeping his body young no matter how much he ages.]

Soul Steal advances up to an advance casting known as Soul Eater. It is the same spell, but it is lethal and a double edged sword. Soul Eater is not to be taken lightly or used often for it deals damage to both the opponent and the caster. Soul Eater  curses the opponent by stealing all their life force and killing them. In order to cast, Manifestation must be executed on both the opponent and the caster. (He has to stab himself and the opponent)

**It can only be used twice in a lifetime. The first use, the caster will lose all his memory and his power will be sealed for 5 years. The second use, the caster will lose his life along with his opponent.***


Summons dark magic that pins the enemy down by their feet. The physical appearance is a black chain attached to the opponent's flesh. The black chains are covered in black, whispy flames. The longer the person is rooted, the larger the black flame grows. When the black flame reaches the chest area, Soul Steal is automatically casted. If the opponent is completely engulfed by the flame they will be completely immobile, rendering them incapacitated. The rooting has no physical pain, so the opponent may be rooted without even knowing.


The opponent must be rooted in order for the skill to be used. The opponent becomes a temporary familiar, obeying Aiden's every command. The possession can last from 30 minutes to several days depending on how long the opponent has been rooted. Aiden is also able to release the possession any time he desires. During the possession, the opponent being controlled is conscious aware of everything.
[He can even make them do dirty things if he wanted to //SMACKED :iconheplz:]



Click here to read his history:


-Making Profit/Benefiting
-Puzzles/Brain teasers
-Submissive personas

-Rowdy women
-Obnoxious attention seekers
-Nice people
-Spoiled people


Bullet; Black He some times steals life from the ladies he serves drinks (Just a little since it helps them get drunk haha)
Bullet; Black He actually prefers his tutor job more
Bullet; Black Likes turtles
Bullet; Black Is completely oblivious and uninterested in his past
Bullet; Black Isn't much of an alcoholic
Bullet; Black His tattoo concept was based off of the movie Constantine //wink
Bullet; Black Aka a vampire //DOUBLEWINK but not really.
Bullet; Black is a bit of a sadist and a whole lot of Seme
:bulletblack: Part Korean

Relationships: Bullet; Yellow N/A

Quote: "....heh"

Aiden Reference sheet by Funnifox
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takarayume Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014  Student General Artist
Hnngh I just realized I hadn't asked you to rp yet--:iconlazeblushplz:
SilverdragonAmai Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Another cute character from Funni.  How do you make them?

Anywho, sorry for being inactive in Poland lately. I hope to be back as soon as the new Duce arrives. Hope to RP with you sometime with Aiden and Jed to see how these two will get along.

(I still think Jed thought that August was a bit harsh and I think that he probably didn't think much of Jed either. Maybe?)

I hope August comes back.^^

Kouri-n Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
woah, baby :iconuguufaceplz:
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Then he will bite and create beautiful sparkling babies to continue his lineage. Many beautiful sparkling babies :iconheplz:
YuuichiSaitou Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What's wrong with August? ;w; 
B-but Aideen is so cool. He's a vampire magus-- *A*

Ah yes, I agree with you. Poland is getting a new duce, I guess we should start a new fresh of Poland division and get a long more ;////;
Let's RP sometimes~
Ahniki Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Nothing is wrong with August ; w; in fact I do miss him ; o; but I thought this would be a good chance to try something new since Siva is no longer here ;~;

Just let me know when you're free! > W <
YuuichiSaitou Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I see... ;w; I would love to make my bby looks different too--

'kay~ I have your skype so I'll tell you if I'm free~ ^w^
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