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Kai Reference Sheet by Ahniki Kai Reference Sheet by Ahniki

Name: Kai

AKA The Reaper

Age: 19

Blood Type AB

Current Occupation: Student

Height: 175 cm

Weapon: Black blade Katana with black chain at the hilt

Personality: (Kuudere), Independent, Straight Forward, Reserved (not shy), Impatient, possesive

Kai pretty much is to himself. He can sometimes be reliable but for the most part he keeps to his own business unless he is utterly forced to do something or if his brother tells him to. Although talking to Kai might seem like talking to a wall, he does listen well and eventually will come to open up. He just does not trust people as much. He is rather impatient although he is a kuudere. He may strike as lazy, or selfish to some, only because he’s the type of person who prefers doing what he wants to do rather than what someone else wants him to do. For the most part though, he isn’t lazy and is actually quite active. Kai is usually out on his bike enjoying the time to himself on the streets.


+Time to himself

+Creme Brule

+His Bike

+People who respect personal space


+Night time



-Nosy people

-Buying unnecessary things

-wasting time


-extroverted attitudes

Kai respects his older brother Rein and would do anything he tells him to. In fact, he got his kuudere attitude from seeing how level-headed Rein is and tried to learn from him. His ultimate goal is to learn self-control like his older brother (but he won’t admit it) so he aims to surpass Rein one day. He will often urge them to duel but Rein declines stating that “it’s a bit childish”.

Around Soren Kai usually feels exhausted only because of his extroverted attitude. He shows a little bit colder side to Soren because of this. Besides his brother Rein, Kai also speaks a lot to Soren whether it be because he’s just plain irritated of him or for anything else. In the back of Kai’s mind though, he gets the feeling that there is more to Soren than what he shows since afterall, he was the one to raise his older brother and him.


-Took the last name Arai from Soren. Although they have no blood relations he and his brother didn't have a last name.

-Is Straight

-Is Rein's younger brother

-Rides a Black Ducati //drools

-Currently Single

-more tba

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ElenaMegan Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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He dislikes needles like I do! :3
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