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Rein Reference by Ahniki Rein Reference by Ahniki

I'm really hoping to make more art of this guy (especially in his work outfit :iconheplz:)

Name: Rein

AKA: Order

Age: 21

Blood Type O

Current Occupation: something in Law lol tba..

Height: 178 cm

Weapon: Black Bladed Scythe

Personality: Reliable, Mature, Disciplined, Stern, Charming, Cool, Prideful, goal-oriented, practical

Rein is the type of guy who is reliable (not a push over) and very dependable. He wears a cool composure, giving him a very respectable aura (he may also feel intimidating to be around when he's serious). He is very self disciplined, and organized. Although he has the traits of a strict leader he actually enjoys chatting and getting to know people. He is seen as charming and a gentleman around others. He does often smile to break the ice around people who seem intimidated by him. (Except around his brother and Soren since they’re family) Rein isn't easily angered but when he is he becomes completely focused and terrifying. He does have a sense of humor and can be sarcastic (even play pranks) from time to time. Rein is also the type to tease others if they really look like they would be fun to tease. When it comes to his goals he’s the type to do anything necessary to achieve it even if it may come down to manipulating others or ensuring that they won’t get in his way.


+Talking to others


+Daylight (It makes him sleepy)


+Pressure (Makes him more focus)

+Hot baths

+Sleeping in




-Rude youth



-Impractical ideas


-slicking back his hair (Although he HAS to do it at work otherwise he’ll look younger)

Rein surpasses Kai in strength,  tactics, and manner. Kai respects his aniki greatly and will obey his order. Aware of Kai’s feelings towards him, Rein does the best he can to not be around him as much or tell him what to do. He leaves Kai completely independent unless there was an order to give out and Kai was resisting. However he is still a bit intimidated by Rein's power that he ends up being a bit colder towards him. He's always urging to duel Rein to become stronger but is always shot down because Rein knows he'll win no matter what.

Rein isn't exactly over protective, but he watches over his brother in case since he's younger and can't control his powers as much. If Kai is ever in a pinch, Rein would be there to get him out of it (if he's available). Rein is very scary powerful when he gets really pissed off (but again he rarely gets pissed off). Soren is usually there to calm down Rein if he gets too out of hand though.  

Rein and his younger brother were taken in by Soren Arai (Arai-sensei) when they were younger. Although Soren is only a few years older than Rein, he still looks up to him as a mentor and acknowledges him as some authority figure. Although he does disagree with his flirtatious attitude from time to time and sometimes questions his authority. He usually hangs around Soren and it shows with some of Soren’s attitude rubbing off of him. 


-Took the last name Arai from Soren. Although they have no blood relations he and his brother didn't have a last name.

-Is Straight

-Is Kai's older brother

-Currently Single

-more tba

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narusegawaxx Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
Awesome ! He's so cuuuute i love him
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what's up with these kick ass clothes?
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Omggg he's so cool!!! Ohh how I wish you did reference commissions x33
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AMG, my poor kokoroooo </3 he looks so damn handsome and his personality and gpjdfgpdfjgpsihoai AHAHHHHHHHHHHHH:iconcannotevenplz: <333333333
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